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I am passionate about flavours and believes that as well as being something beautiful to look at, your wedding cake should create memories of deliciousness that delight you and your guests.

Inspired by the seasons, travel, and food experiences, my cake flavours have become a renowned feature of Cove Cake Design. Always choosing to marry the classic with the unique, flavours and textures are layered to create delectable mouthfuls that delight the senses.

Taste begins with ingredients. I value quality ingredients, and use Irish butter, free range Irish eggs, fine Belgian Chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla and seasonal Irish fruit where possible. I make everything from scratch, from jams, curds and syrups to caramel and nut pralines.

The wedding menu is a carefully curated selection of delicious and much-loved flavours. While it can be hard to choose, you can be certain that whichever flavours you select they will delight your guests. A Wedding Cake Tasting Experience is part of your wedding package: a sample of each flavour on the menu, exquisitely packaged and delivered to your chosen address (Ireland only) for you to choose your favourites at leisure.


Vanilla Bean, Basil, Strawberry
Moist Madagascan Vanilla Bean Sponge Cake infused with Vanilla Bean Syrup and layered with fragrant Basil Buttercream and homemade Strawberry Conserve


Champagne, Rhubarb, Elderflower
Delicate Champagne Sponge Cake infused with Champagne Syrup and layered with Elderflower Buttercream and homemade Rhubarb Conserve


Prosecco, Peach, Thyme
Lightly scented Prosecco Sponge Cake infused with Prosecco Syrup and layered with Peach Liquor Buttercream and homemade Peach and Thyme Conserve


Earl Grey, Lavender, Lemon
Moist and fragrant Earl Grey Tea Cake layered with Lavender Buttercream and tangy homemade Lemon Curd


Lime, White Chocolate, Pistachio
Lime White Chocolate Mud Cake layered with Lime and Pistachio Praline Buttercream


White Mocha, Irish Whiskey Salted Caramel
Moist White Espresso Mud Cake layered with luscious Irish Whiskey Salted Caramel Buttercream


Chocolate Orange, Rosemary, Hazelnut
Light Chocolate Cake with fragrant Orange Zest, layered with decadent Dark Chocolate Rosemary Ganache and Hazelnut Praline Buttercream


Guinness, Roasted White Chocolate
Moist Guinness Chocolate Cake layered with Roasted Belgian White Chocolate Buttercream